Our group offers a variety of services in an effort to provide a wide array of opportunities for your organization to afford its first responders, their family members, and loved ones the information and resources they need to seek help or sustain a healthy and fulfilling life.


We focus on preventing police suicide and mental health challenges by targeting officer overall wellbeing.  We conduct training that includes current mental health and suicide prevention issues, the brain and body's reactions to stress, complete wellness, coping skills, sleep concerns, and available resources.  At the conclusion of instruction, officers will have an improved understanding of how to better take care of themselves, how they can better prepare to handle the stress their bodies will react to, how to better help friends, family, and loved ones, and more in order to have a safe, vigorous career and personal life.

Ask us how we can customize training for your department and its officers.

Program Initiative

If your agency does not have a wellness program, we can construct an elemental one for you.  If you already have one, we can enhance it to help ensure that your department's most important assets have the resources available to them.

We offer two service packages: Basic and Enhanced.  The Basic package gets you started quickly and allows you to offer information, services, and resources to officers and their loved ones without delay.  The Enhanced option includes the Basic and more through partnerships and assistance that we will work to acquire on your behalf. 

Contact us now to learn what each package offers and how you can quickly help your agency.

Website Development

It is no surprise that police officers face intense stress and then have a tough time confiding in the traditional means to getting assistance.  For law enforcement personnel, safe, confidential, and even remote access to beneficial information is critical in order for help to be realized.

We can develop a website specifically for your organization that will serve as an online portal to resources, including 24/7 hotlines, videos, employer forms, links to specialized support, and more.  We offer three service packages: Basic, Plus, and Premium.  Additionally, we can maintain and update this important resource for you for a nominal annual commission.

Reach out to us now to find out how we can bring this unique asset to your agency.

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